Our bodies (-rant-)

(DISCLAIMER- I know some of you guys will probably think I’m exaggerating as there are boys and girls being raped all over the world, but what happened with me was just a starting point to all my thoughts and opinions. I do realise how small it looks compared to all these other horrible things, however everything that grows always has to start small)

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a lovely day.

I just got back from a long walk with my dog and I’m writing this from the top of my head, so don’t expect a masterpiece. Honestly, I just feel quite annoyed and upset that this still happens to this day, and the world hasn’t evolved the way I’d wanted it to.

And so forth, this is what happened:

I was walking down the street with my dog, wearing a cute jumpsuit I bought the other day, minding my own business, when suddenly a guy in a motorcycle shouts at me and then gives me this sick little smug face as he drives away. I couldn’t make up exactly what he said, but I knew exactly what he meant. Today was quite windy, so obviously my jumpsuit, which is pretty flowy, probably showed a bit of my upper thigh (which “isn’t supposed to be shown”) and he decided to shout at me.

And this irritated and worried me so much, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So why not write it down?

My first immediate response was to ask myself what was wrong with my jumpsuit, what was wrong with me. And I feel like the fact that I asked what was wrong with me and not what was wrong with him is a bit upsetting.

I mean, what did he expect me to do? Although it was windy, it was 30ºC outside (86º Fahrenheit) , I couldn’t wear trousers, I couldn’t wear a coat. Yes, my jumpsuit is not very long and yes sometimes it falls a bit and my bra peeks a little, but I feel comfortable with it. And if he can’t see that, I feel sad for him. I feel sad because it actually takes effort to be that oblivious. It takes effort to be so blind to only see bodies out of people, to only see pleasure out of bodies. And I’m saddened to see with my own eyes that there are still plenty of people who still think like this.

Our bodies –both female and male– should not be seen as toys, as a way to get pleasure. We haven’t gotten this far to just start sexualizing everything we see. Yes, bodies can be sexy, but it shouldn’t be taken out of context. We are all our own individuals and we are all equal- we all have butt cheeks, we all have thighs, we all have nipples.

You should be able to wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in, whether that’s by wearing shirts or crop tops, shorts or skirts, sandals or high heels. Hell, it even applies to make up. You’re a girl and you want to wear make up every day? Awesome. You’re a girl and you don’t want to wear make up at all? Go for it. You’re a guy and you’d never wear make up? You do you. You’re a guy but you’d love to wear make up every day? Lovely.

Your body size shouldn’t matter as well. Just because someone has a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you can shit all over them. Maybe they have mental health issues, maybe they’re going through a lot, maybe they feel happy in their own bodies. Yes, there’s a line where it starts to get really unhealthy, but they’re still people just like you. They also get hot, they also get cold. If a girl wants to wear a crop top but her tummy isn’t flat, why would you make her use a long t-shirt when it’s 36º C (96.8 Fahrenheit) outside? Why can’t a guy with big thighs wear shorts? Why can’t a girl with big hips wear a dress?

We are all here trying to make the most out of our only chance at this thing called “life”. Sure, some people have it harder than others, nonetheless we shouldn’t make it even more complicated for each other.

Acceptance and empathy are beautiful things, and lately I’ve seen a serious lack of them.


Sorry once again for this sudden, short, not at all in depth post, but I hope you still enjoyed it.

I actually had started a post yesterday, so looks like I’ll have to work on it later.(lol)

It was very therapeutic for me to talk about  all my bottled thoughts, so thank you if you’re still reading and don’t be scared to open a discussion with me about this, as I’d be more than interested to listen to your opinion.




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