Drafts- a spontaneous post

-I have not looked for any typos or mistakes whatsoever in this post, so beware of my confusing mind-


It’s kind of funny how I complain how I want to upload more posts and even promise myself to do so, and then nothing.

I even sometimes encourage myself to start writing. Just start putting words down, it’ll be fine, I eventually tell myself.

Moreover, I do write once in a while, both because I actually feel the need to write down my stupid thoughts in some sort of form, and because I do love this blog. However, the posts tend to stay in my drafts, as I never end up clicking the little “publish” button.

I tell myself I need to revise them, I need to check if there’s any mistakes, I need to read it again and again, now for the third time, just to make sure it’s fine.

I always need to make sure it’s good enough, that it is worthy enough for me to click this blue “publish” button.

And so my words and thoughts now live in the drafts’ section, waiting. What they’re waiting for I’m not exactly sure, nonetheless they’re very persistent about it. Perhaps I should stop being so affraid of letting them run free, perhaps I should let them express themselves in their own way. Let them slip away from my fingers, watch them wash away with the waves of my busy brain.

Again, but that post isn’t good enough. Or maybe my mindset has already changed since then. Or no one will want to read it if it has mistakes. Because that’s what matters the most.

Oh, naive little Rita, how can you think so little of words? Of people? How can you underestimate the power of thought so much? The value of memories?

This should be your personal space, not someone elses’. Not your brain’s, but your heart’s place, for that matter.

But what do I know, I guess I’m as senseless as those weird empty drafts I’ve saved up.

I guess I’m just as lost as my words are.



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