Today I’ve realized something.

Everything turns out much better when you move from a place of love and support. When you nurture something, anything really, it tends to blossom into a much prettier and stronger, overall better, version of itself. Sort of like a flower.

Now, I’m obviously not talking about plants here.

I’ve realized how much stronger and more beautiful my body and my soul could be if I had nurtured them, if I had taken care of them instead of forcing them into something they’re not, instead of shaming them and, ultimately, completely destroying them.

Because you need to take care of yourself. Not because of selfish or narcissistic reasons, but so that you can bloom. You need to nurture your cells so you can grow and shine your light. Because it is your right to not let your existence be pointless.

And that’s sort of what I now found to be the purpose of my life. To shine. To be happy. To be the best version of myself. To be loved and to love others.

Because it is my right to exist, and so it is yours. Thus, we have the responsibility to not waste it, to love ourselves and to love others. To move from a place of acceptance and patience.

As humans, we have love and compassion, so why not always chose them over hate and criticism? Why not chose to support instead of knocking it down every time?

I feel like today’s society has made us feel insanely disconnected from our insides, with our emotions, with our meaning. We are rushed and torn apart as soon as we start to learn how to think, our minds shortened by today’s standards, our spirits taught to sit and be still. We are told to destroy, to hate, to be critical. We are told to contain, to tame, to belittle.

But hate  doesn’t bring anything useful or good for anyone, it doesn’t help, it doesn’t develop, it doesn’t evolve. It only leads to darkness and emptiness.

Just watch how something can grow with just a bit of care and dedication. Watch how it transforms with love and compassion, how strong and bright it gets. And watch how everything around it seems to smile as well, as its beauty invigorates a new life.

You are the one making your own existence. You are the one making the decisions. So why strip down and destroy when you can love and help it grow?


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