Make up review

I’m going to be honest here – I have no plans for this post. But I’m sticking to my commitment and I am still going to post this nonetheless.

Either way, I thought it could be fun to do
a little review on this mascara – the wide-angle fan effect mascara, “Grandiôse” in Noir Mirifique 01, from Lancôme Paris-, which I bought a couple of weeks ago, since I do really like make up and I think this could be a simple and fun little post to write.


-First impressions–

At first, its overall look was what caught my attention. The packaging is absolutely stunning and I love the details incorporated in it. It is mainly black and it fades towards the tip, where you can find a gorgeous black rose. Its touch feels amazing as well, as weird as it may seem, but perhaps that is just because I am used to normal plastic mascaras that you usually buy at the supermarket.

The actual brush also fascinated me, as it is not straight like most generic mascaras that you see out there, but has an angle, and it actually looked very high quality when I first opened it at the store.

I had never bought anything from this brand before, but I had heard about it from social media and from my mom. Moreover, I hadn’t tried many mascaras before this one either, and they all had been much less expensive and more “high street”.



Fortunately, this wasn’t one of those products that only looks good. Its quality actually
matches up with its outstanding look and feel, as I absolutely love the application and how it leaves my eyelashes looking.

I bought it in black and, as it should, it separates my eyelashes and makes them look even longer, which I never thought could be possible. The consistency of the mascara itself is really good as well, since it is not lumpy nor sticky.

Another thing I absolutely love about it is that it can actually look natural, but, of course, make your eyelashes stand out at the same time. The first time I used it, I went a bit overboard since I wasn’t careful with it, so I do advise you to maybe try it out first before anything.

The angle on the brush is actually one of the most helpful things ever and it does make a huge difference. Due to its form, you have much more control over your movements, making it easier to apply the mascara equally and in the way that you like. And, as I said previously, the packaging of the product feels amazing, so it is very comfortable to hold (and hug).



I haven’t found many flaws on it yet, nonetheless it is a product which falls into the more pricey category. It does live up to the brand’s good reputation and I believe it is worth your money, however, I am not telling you to go right now run to sephora or whatever and buy it. It is, all in all, a good product, nonetheless beware of its actual cost.
However, if you have a few extra cash and want something special for yourself, I highly recommend you give this mascara a go, since I do honestly really love it.

Furthermore, you also need to be a bit careful when applying it, as I said before, since it can get a bit too dramatic if you mindlessly apply it with no care. It definitely requires you to slow down and be cautious, which can be a disadvantage to some who need to rush in the morning.


Finishing off, I hope you enjoyed this random little post, even though I know it’s pretty different from what I usually write about.

Have a lovely day x


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