A healthy “diet”

You need to eat healthy to be fit and look good. That’s what the media says, right?

But what is “healthy eating”? Well, the media comes up with a different answer every year. You can find endless new miraculous diets for “weight loss”, diets that will, supposedly, make all your dreams come true.

I’m saddened how brainwashed we all become by our society in terms of our bodies. We are told to never trust it, to defy it, to belittle it. We are told how we should look like, how we should act, how we should eat. Weight loss means good. Fat means bad.

However, you know what I’ve realized?

Eating healthy actually means eating what YOU think is good for you. It means eating what is suitable for YOUR body.

It doesn’t mean “high-carb vegan”, nor “low-carb paleo”.

It doesn’t mean eating what society has labeled as “healthy”.

It means eating nurturing foods that YOU enjoy and that make YOU thrive.

YOU are the only one who can decide what your “healthy” diet consists of. YOU are the only one who can determine if a certain food is good or bad.

I am sick and tired of all these labels thrown around. “Low-calorie”, “high-fat”, “low-protein”, “cheat meal”, “fat-burning”, these terms all end up meaning absolutely nothing. I mean, do they really matter to your body? Is your stomach going to curse you because that yoghurt you ate said 2% fat? Of course not. So why should you feel guilty?

Our bodies aren’t this evil enemy we need to fight. We don’t need to tame or control it. Our bodies were designed to make us live, to make us thrive, not to harm us. So why not learn to trust ourselves?

I know nutrition can be just as confusing as an endless labyrinth, and it is so awfully easy to get caught up in it. Food becomes all these numbers and atoms, it becomes all these different percentages and calculus. But food is not numbers. Food is not morally “good” or “bad”. Food is nutrients. Food is energy. Food is what you need to continue living. For your heart to continue beating.

You know what is truly “healthy eating”? Not “weight loss”. Not “low-calorie”. Not “fat-free”. Not chosing the salad over the pasta. Not eating x amount of food. Not eating y amount of calories. Not eating only vegetables and fruit.

Healthy eating is finding what feels good for YOU.

Every body is completely different. Your cells tell a complete different story from mine. Some can eat 3 bowls of rice and still feel great, others need to eat 3 bowls of fruit to feel nourished. And that is okay. It is okay to eat differently, it is okay to feel differently.

It is so stupid to believe that, to look good and have a fit, healthy body, you should eat like someone else. Your version of healthy will always be different, no matter how much you work out or how many vegetables you eat. Your version of “fit” and “lean” will always be unique, your “version” of beauty will always be your own.

So, healthy eating is chosing to eat bread because you love it and you know that it contains all these wonderful nutrients and not being afraid of it being a carb or a higher calorie option. It is not chosing to eat broccoli because it is going to make you look lean, but to eat spinach because you love how it makes you feel. It is eating that mango you’ve been eyeing for half an hour. It is chosing real foods that are nutritionally rich simply because you understand how they will nourish your body. It is eating what you crave, what you actually want. It is having a happy dinner with your family, it is eating popcorn at the cinema with your friends. It is sharing a hot dog with your boyfriend, it is eating cotton candy at a fair.

All in all, “healthy” comes in all different shapes and sizes, and YOU are the only one who can figure it out.

Let us stop listening to what the media says is good for our bodies.

Let us stop believing that weight loss means “better”.

Let us stop labeling food.

And let us start trusting ourselves and our bodies.

Let us start appreciating ourselves for what our bodies can do instead of what they look like.

Let us start allowing ourselves to live.


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