It’s saturday night again, and I have nothing to post. So, why not just start writing, right?

However, I wonder, are these really worth it? Is a regular weekly schedule more important than better quality posts? I honestly can’t decide.

On the one hand, people always say volume is the key to getting better, to success. Supposedly, you can be good at whatever you want as long as you put enough hours into it. But are these random posts really teaching me something?

They just feel like I’m rambling, pointlessly making up time, like I’m doing nothing at all. So, I ask, is it worth forcing out a post every single week?

I mean, shouldn’t the process be more enriching? Shouldn’t it matter more?

Life in itself is a process, right? So, why not enjoy the moment, why not enjoy the journey?

Because, at the end of the day, nothing stays the same, and we should appreciate what is instead of what could be.

So that we can finally let go.


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